About Good 4 Dirt

Good 4 Dirt is Midwest Industrial Supply Inc’s North American Distributor for Arena Rx® “Clean Air for Horse and Rider”™ , Diamond Doctor® Ballpark Dust Control and Base Bldr using Soil Sement® Engineered Formula.  

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Our signature product, Arena Rx® is the only horse arena dust control product whose base fluid has been proven by the US Environmental Protection Agency and verified by them as safe and clean for the environment. It is the only arena dust control product that contains a polymer binder that adds strength to the footing material and keeps the fluid in the footing zone for increased longevity when compared to other generic products. Airborne dust is not just a nuisance it can cause severe health hazards, which although potentially treatable are incurable. Unlike the generic or enhanced mineral oils, the true fully synthetic Arena Rx® molecular structure is engineered to both absorb and adsorb thus improving footing material consistency, resilience (cushioning), traction and the unique polymer tackifier binder adds additional strength to the footing material. With Arena Rx® “Clean Air for Horse and Rider”™, horses, riders, spectators and trainers can work, play, observe and train in comfort and safety. Arena Rx® is great for arenas, round pens, stalls, runs… anywhere dust is a problem.