Board Rates

As a boarder you may have your own trainer come to our facility to work with you and we do not charge you or your trainer for this opportunity. Your trainer must supply us with a copy of their liability insurance.

 Boarders do complete a standard boarding agreement, which gives you an opportunity to give us complete details for the care of your horse and make you aware of our guidelines.

Since we do not board a large number of horses, 6 in stalls and 5 in paddocks, the arenas are never crowded.  Usually only 2 to 4 riders at any time.  And having a well lit and dust free footing in the indoor arena is  also a pleasant experience. 

Paddock Horse Boarding

This service provides space with other horses in a very large, over acre, paddock.  We allow 2 to 4 horses per paddock.

  • Grass hay twice daily
  • You may use the grain on hand to fed your own horse
  • Heated water, Nelson Automatic or tub with heater when required by season/ weather
  • Paddock Shelter cleaning twice a week
  • Full use of the indoor and outdoor arenas, bridle trails, jumps and other equipment
  • Use of all in barn facilities such as wash rack, cross ties etc
  • Your own space in the heated, locked tack room
  • Trailer parking
  • Blanket pick up and cleaning service

$380 a month

Stall Horse Boarding

This service provides your horse with it’s own 12′ x 12′ stall and 12′ x 30′ run.  Stalls are left open so your horse may go in and out of their run as they like.  All stall horses are turned out daily, with the other stall horses, so they have access to the necessary social time and free exercise a healthy horse needs.   Since we only have 6 stalls this is a small herd. Turn out time is always for a minimum of 7 hours as the weather permits.

  • custom feeding of hay and grain
  • owners may supply supplements and we will feed them
  • Nelson heated waterers
  • Daily turn out (with access to water and grass hay)
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Blanketing on and off
  • Full use of facilities and equipment
  • Space in heated and locked tack room
  • Trailer parking
  • Blanket pick up and cleaning service

$450 a month