Stall Horse Boarding

rsz_1rsz_1lrec_logoWe offer our boarders use of the indoor and outdoor arenas and activity equipment, highlighting multiple facets of riding and equine activities. We offer barrels, poles,  and roping dummies for use in the arena. We also encourage our boarders to bring in any equipment they might like to use for English riding or other riding styles and equine activities. Our enclosed indoor viewing room for the indoor arena which is located on the opposite side of stalls commands a safe view of the arena.

The boarder’s tack room is heated, each boarder has their own space, there is a “restroom” with an electric toilet and sink.  The tack room also has a small fridge and micro-wave.  

The barn has an indoor wash rack with hot and cold water, a 12′ x 12′ cross tie area and many other tie areas.From the indoor stall and tack room area you have direct access to the indoor area, so in bad weather you do not have to be outside at all.

There is no additional fee for parking your horse trailer on the property.

We do not experience high turn over in boarders and while the number of boarders we take is small in number, 6 in stalls and 8 in paddock,  we are large in the services we offer. 

The words our boarders have used to describe us are; friendly, knowledgeable, safe (for horse and owner), clean, excellent bridle path and a good place to be.

Indoor (stall) Boarding Facilities

  •  5: 12’ x 12’ stalls each with a 12’ x 30’ run with gate for direct access to open area (pipe rails between runs) .
  • 1: 12′ x 24′ stall with 24′ x 30′ run
  • Stall floors are concrete covered with a 1” thick textured rubber mats.
  • Wood shavings used on top of the rubber mats in each stall.
  • Nelson automatic water with heaters in each stall..
  • Hay and grain are provided and fed per the owners instructions.
  • Supplements, provided by the owner, can be fed too.
  • We have both grass and alfalfa hay which is purchased locally.
  • Stall horses can be “custom” fed the type and amount of hay each horse needs.
  • Daily turn-out, in winter from ~9 am to ~5:30 pm, in summer from ~7 am- ~7:30 pm. During the very hot days we may reverse the schedule and have the horses out at night and in during the day so they have access to their stalls and shade. (times are general)
  • Turn-out for all stall horses is into a common area.  This is a very large paddock that provides room to move, be social, or find a spot to relax alone.
  • The horses have access to grass hay during turn out.
  • Turn-out paddocks are flat and with fulltime access to water.
  • We can provide blanket on/off service for no extra fee for stall horses.
  • Stall are cleaned daily
  • Stall horses are feed twice a day

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