Indoor Riding Arena and Facilities

Last Resort Equestrian Center’s 80’ x 144’ (11,520 square foot) indoor riding arena is dust free.


We pride ourselves on the camaraderie riders experience with shared arena use. This is possible because of the limited number of boarders we have.  We also allow people to bring their horses to “trailer in” to use our facility.  You do need to contact us to make arrangements for this. 

Boarders may use any equipment for Western or English riding during shared arena usage hours and when finished the equipment must be positioned in a corner or section of the arena so as not to interfere with other riders in the arena.

Arena Features

  • Indoor arena size: 144‘ x 80’,  3” deep Arena Rx® sand arena.  The indoor arena has an attached spectator area that has 6 large windows, so even though your are riding inside, you can see out side.  This also allows for the windows to be open in the summer so you can ride in the shade with ventilation.
  • Outdoor arena size: 125′ x 225′,  3″ deep structural fill footing provides a riding surface even in wet weather
  • Multi-discipline equipment available including:
    • barrels
    • poles
    • dressage large and small arena letters
    • ground poles
    • caveletti’s
    • jump standards and poles
    • roping dummies
  • The indoor arena has a separate  viewing area with a view of the entire indoor arena and features:
    • electric
    • chairs & table
    • food preparation area with refrigerator, microwave, range and broilers are available for rental
    • water dispenser, coffee maker etc availabl
  • There is a 60 foot indoor round-pen setup outside for round pen work,
  • Both the indoor and out door arena are drug and leveled when needed as appropriate depending upon use.
  • DUST FREE RIDING IN THE INDOOR ARENA: ARENA RX® treated to provide “Consistent Footing” throughout the year.


One Indoor 12′ x 24′ Foaling Stall  including a 24′ x 24′ attached run.