Outdoor Riding Arena and Outdoor Facilities

Last Resort Equestrian Center has two outdoor arenas.

The fenced outdoor arena is 125′ x 225′ and has a footing of structural fill.  This is a combination of sand, and very small pebbles, which provides a footing that can be ridden on when wet as it does not get muddy or slippery.

The un-fenced outdoor arena is 175′ x 275′ and is just an area that we have worked up the natural soil.  This provides a warm up arena for events using both the indoor and fenced outdoor arenas.  Also, with greener horses or horses that are not use to be ridden outside of a “formal” arena, the un-fenced arena provides the next step to getting out onto the trail.

Bridle trail:

We have a very nice one that circles around the 80 acres and also has access to a 32 acre conservation easement.   The conservation easement has a varied terrain and at different times of the year you are able to ride into the water on safe footing.  Also, from the bridle path you are able to get onto the local, dirt county roads for an even longer ride.