Clinic Schedule 2014


2014 promised to be an exciting summer of education!  Each clinic will offer something different, yet all are complementary with each other. 

To reserve a riding space you will need to contact LuAnn Goodyear at: .

Spectators are welcome at all of the clinics and the price for this is set by each clinician.  LuAnn has all the details on pricing, deposits for reserving your riding space, pens for horses and other details.  Clinics fill quickly (and deposits are already coming in) so don’t hesitate if any of these look interesting to you.

If you click on the clinician’s name you will go to their website’s home page and then you can check  for details on clinic descriptions.

BUCK BRANNAMAN CLINIC LOCATION will be at the Colorado State University BW Pickett Equine Center  735 S. Overland  Trail, Fort Collins, CO  80523

UNLIMITED SPECTATOR SEATING AVAILABLE $30 A DAY      Stall Boarding available for participants $20 @ day  Must contact LuAnn for a riders spot.

Buck Brannaman
May 16-19
Colt Starting & Horsemanship One
Lee Smith
June 7-9
Horsemanship  “video of riders will be taken during instruction”
Wendy Murdoch
Aug 25-27
Effortless Riding/Feldenkrais Method®
Charlie Hill
Aug 29-31
Horsemanship & Cow Working
Buster McLaury
Sept. 18-21
Horsemanship One & Ranch Roping One
Bob King
Oct 2-4
Ladies Ranch Roping, all levels welcome
 Amy & Steve LeSatz
 Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 15
 Finding and filling holes horsemanship

 For other valuable information, tack and more opportunities to learn visit the publication:



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