Lessons at LREC are being offered by:

All lessons are taught in the comfort of my facility.  We can utilize the round pens, indoor arena, out door arena and bridle path as your confidence and skills improve.

The basics I teach apply to all disciplines of riding skills.  I believe in a good foundation, balanced seat, an understanding of your horse and building a quiet and broke horse who will take you as far as you desire to go; regardless if it is cattle work, roping, jumping, dressage or just enjoying a great trail ride. 

I focus on working with the horse and owner as a team.  There are many others I can recommend if you are seeking someone for colt starting or a “problem” horse.  

In addition to the many adults I have taught I have utilized the following educational skills with my personal 4H students as well as members state wide to take them from beginning riders to ones that win and place at their local County Fairs, State Fair, other competitions and on into the equine programs at the colleges they are currently attending.

In all lessons I incorporate a combination of the following trainings I have received. 

* Foundational to Advanced Horsemanship Lessons:     From ground working skills to a strong and solid riding seat, we can cover it all.Drawing from the skills I have learned in over the 20 years I have spent riding with Buck Brannaman, Peter Campbell, Joe Wolters, Brian Neubert and others in a similar style of horsemanship, I feel confident in supporting a strong riding confidence for the rider and building a well broke foundation in their horse.  

* The “Murdoch Method”     –     “Sure Foot”      I have over 8 years working directly with Wendy Murdoch, including taking her 8 day instructors course.  This course has certified me to teach the “Murdoch Method”.  I enjoy working with riders and horses in the balanced seat and “Sure Foot”.I absolutely love the level of confidence Wendy’s work gives the rider as well as increasing the level of skill for both the horse and rider for any discipline they choose! I have a sincere interest to support those who have worked with Wendy stay solid and continue to improve.

Pricing:  $60 per person  (maximum 2 students at a time)

Length of lessons:  Minimum 1.5 +- hours